Remembering the Best Uncle Ever

All my memories of Uncle Dean are of the fondest kind. From playing in the street on sunny summer afternoons to taking family trips, Uncle Dean was always there. Although my personal experience with his comedic side is limited to the memories I have of trips visiting the Dupuys, I saw pictures of his infamous Elvis costume that he wore at grown-up events, and could not resist laughing, imagining just how well he must have pulled that off. I also recall how he taught us. There were times my sister, Jordan, Grant, and I were sitting around the fire pit, listening intently to stories he told us. I admired his character and ingenuity. He never failed to bring humor, morals, and livelihood to any occasion.

I can feel him, still with us, whenever I hear stories of all the people he touched, and these people are far too many to count. I can’t say much about his impact on Apple, but I know how loved and valued he is by all his coworkers. I remember him working in the house, helping the company that he loved so much, while still remaining entirely attentive to his family. How is that possible? We may not know, but Uncle Dean was magical that way. He could multitask like nobody’s business, and make everybody feel special and welcome in the process.

I’ve been thinking so much about this whole situation lately, and it had made me realize how important it is to make everybody you meet feel special and loved. Dean has a way of doing that, and it is completely natural to him and indicative of all that he stands for. His goodness is infectious. I am so lucky that Uncle Dean has had such an impact on my life. I have learned so much from him and Aunt Vic over the years, and we are all truly blessed by the presence of Dean in our lives.

With eternal love and gratitude,
Morgan Takach


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