Grateful to have known an amazing guy

I’m blessed to have spent 2-3 years in the cube next to Dean’s at Apple. It was a treat, every day, to hear Dean’s warm greeting. After all that has been written and said about Dean, I only add that I am grateful to have known a soul who resonated with the universe and touched so many lives. That he is inspiring so many people after he is gone is a testament to a life so well lived. I hope Victoria, Jordan and Grant find peace in knowing that Dean is always with them and lives on within all of us who remember him so fondly.

“There are stars up above, so far away we only see their light long, long after the star itself is gone. And so it is with people that we loved – their memories keep shining ever brightly though their time with us is done. But the stars that light up the darkest night, these are the lights that guide us.”

– Craig Gilden


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