A Great Manager and A Great Man

I still remember when Mark called me early morning Sep 30 in China, I was shocked and I couldn’t believe it. I told Mark you were the best manager I have ever had, and I didn’t know what to say. One week passed, the workplace is still that workplace, but it is also different without you. I know you have worked on many great projects here at Apple. As I have only worked with you for one year, to me it is the every daily details from you that I miss most.

You are capable and knowledgeable. You always had a direction when the situation was complicated and difficult. And you always had time to talk with me when I had questions. To me, you are like a reliable captain and your team felt strong with you.

You talked a lot like a friend. You liked to keep team updated, keep everyone on same page, take care of team members, share interesting news from weekend. You made workplace enjoyable like a family.

You smiled with confidence. There were hard times, but you always kept that smiling, and said “let’s work on that and we can get through it”. “The view is worth the climb” is what you always said during every ramp, and we still remember.

You covered the team. There were times that I had urgent family issues or I felt sick, and you said “take your time and we will get you covered”. And you did it for everyone. I was so touched and I was determined to work hard to pay back the favor you have done to me, but you are not here anymore.

Thank you Dean, I will miss you a lot as a great manager and a great man. Sometimes I think you may be an angel, you came here and helped us in our works and lives and helped us become better people. Now you are back. I am missing you a lot.

– Jimmy Xu


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