You are missed!


I am crushed.

The news of your passing hit me hard. You lived life to the fullest. A trusted friend and a great colleague. I am sorry that God decided to take you from us at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers go out to your wife, daughter and son, your parents and siblings and all of your friends. Hopefully they take solace in the fact that you lived life to the fullest, you made an impact on the people around you and you left wonderful memories for us to cherish. You made a dent in the universe Dean!

Often when someone leaves us at such a young age, you wonder why and ask if they only had more time? I thought the same when I heard of your passing. It made me think of my own day to day interaction with people and how I can try to bring a smile to people’s faces, as you did to all of us, no matter the situation. Your positive attitude and friendly smile will last with me for my lifetime. I am very thankful that I knew you and had a chance to work side by side with you. And as I reflect, I think of how you spent your last day, playing with the people you love and living that day and your life to the fullest. That is really all we can ask for in life.

So thank you Dean. For all the great memories and for most importantly teaching me to live life to the fullest by making everyone around me smile.

Your friend,



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