Thank you for everything

I only got to work with Dean incidentally on a number of portables product launches, but all the mentions and comments about the warmth and light-heartedness he always brought regardless of gravity of crisis are absolutely true. He was kind, friendly and respectful to everyone in every circumstance and those qualities immortalize him to the countless lives he’s touched.

On a personal note, I will always be grateful to Dean for a simple but invaluable gesture he did for me. On one of my trips to China to support one of his product’s ramps, I had requested to arrive a few days earlier than was required as I was going to propose to my now wife. He didn’t know me very well, much less at a personal level, but he was completely supportive and actually intervened with the executive team because the ticket approval deadline was about to be missed. I will always remember his characteristic smile when he first saw me in the factory that trip and asked “how did it go?”. My wife and I are firm believers that that small act of kindness was yet another example of how even the little things Dean did went such a long way.

Thank you very much for everything, Dean. We’ll do our best to keep your legacy going.

Martin Cuyegkeng


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