A great man


You were a great boss and mentor to me, but you were an even greater man.
You loved your family more than anything in the world (the Sharks and Apple may have been close seconds), and you walked the walk as you were able to balance work and family far better than anyone I have ever known. You understood that others have families too and it showed in how you managed your team. You trusted me to get my job done and supported me to manage my travel so that I could spend as many weekends at home with my family as possible.

We should all take a lesson from you in our own lives to pause and consider our own priorities.

Where Apple can be a really challenging place to work, your unending support and positive energy made it manageable and rewarding not just for me but for the entire team when times were tough. You treated people with respect and had that Midas touch in communicating during the most difficult situations.

It is sad that so many of the new folks at Apple will not get chance to know you, but I can guarantee they will learn a whole lot about you. We are all better off for knowing you as each of us will carry a piece of you in our hearts and minds as we move forward.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family (Victoria, Jordan, and Grant).

Rest in peace.



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