You Are The Best

Dearest Dean,

I cannot believe you are gone. Your can-do attitude, energetic walk, charismatic smile, zeal for work, kindness and eagerness to help will be missed. You have inspired me in many ways and I have always admired the ease with which you present at NPR, find humor even in bad situations, find a solution to certain things we found impossible, stay on top of everything in portables and yet find time to socialize, talk about your kids, take time for that call from Victoria. You are an amazing guy and I feel blessed to have known you. You helped me settle down faster at Apple and I felt you always had a special place for me even after I moved out of the group. We have had our share of arguments and you were awesome in seeing my point of view and adjusting the needs. This is a huge loss to Apple community and to me personally as a good friend.

You will always be remembered…….and my thoughts and prayers for Jordan, Grant and Victoria.

– Paru Nackeeran


Paru Nackeeran


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