In hindsight

Last Fall Dean sat with me and helped me plan a family RV vacation to Yellowstone. He and his family had just completed the adventure and he was sharing his insights (and hundreds of photos!). In one photo his kids were sitting on a fallen tree with a moose in the background just behind them. Dean was describing the hike and the photo and then he paused and said, “in hindsight my kids were probably a little too close to that moose!”

This story really characterizes Dean for me. He was always reflective, always looking for opportunities to improve and certainly looked for ways to prevent the team from becoming endangered (albeit not from moose). It also reminds me of how much joy Dean took from his family and how much that joy infected us all. His overwhelmingly positive energy lit up Apple and is in every product he helped build.

Mobile, Apple and the World has lost a rare gem that will not be replaced.

Miss you Dean.

Laura Legros


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