Remembering the Best Uncle Ever

All my memories of Uncle Dean are of the fondest kind. From playing in the street on sunny summer afternoons to taking family trips, Uncle Dean was always there. Although my personal experience with his comedic side is limited to the memories I have of trips visiting the Dupuys, I saw pictures of his infamous Elvis costume that he wore at grown-up events, and could not resist laughing, imagining just how well he must have pulled that off. I also recall how he taught us. There were times my sister, Jordan, Grant, and I were sitting around the fire pit, listening intently to stories he told us. I admired his character and ingenuity. He never failed to bring humor, morals, and livelihood to any occasion.

I can feel him, still with us, whenever I hear stories of all the people he touched, and these people are far too many to count. I can’t say much about his impact on Apple, but I know how loved and valued he is by all his coworkers. I remember him working in the house, helping the company that he loved so much, while still remaining entirely attentive to his family. How is that possible? We may not know, but Uncle Dean was magical that way. He could multitask like nobody’s business, and make everybody feel special and welcome in the process.

I’ve been thinking so much about this whole situation lately, and it had made me realize how important it is to make everybody you meet feel special and loved. Dean has a way of doing that, and it is completely natural to him and indicative of all that he stands for. His goodness is infectious. I am so lucky that Uncle Dean has had such an impact on my life. I have learned so much from him and Aunt Vic over the years, and we are all truly blessed by the presence of Dean in our lives.

With eternal love and gratitude,
Morgan Takach


Video: Top 10 Deanisms

Top 10 Deanisms – from the Not So Late Show with Steve Rust

This video was made by my husband, Steve Rust and our 12 year old son Alex. Steve and Dean met in college at Santa Clara and have been the best of friends ever since. I met Dean and Victoria when I first started dating Steve over 22 years ago. Over the past two decades we have celebrated the births of our children, wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays and have enjoyed family bbq’s, camping trips and skiing in Tahoe together and so much more……

The Dupuy’s have always been a part of our family and will continue to be so. Dean, we are so grateful for your friendship and we miss you deeply.

Here is the link to the video:

Steve, Kristina, Sam, Chloe, Alex, & Nick Rust


Grateful to have known an amazing guy

I’m blessed to have spent 2-3 years in the cube next to Dean’s at Apple. It was a treat, every day, to hear Dean’s warm greeting. After all that has been written and said about Dean, I only add that I am grateful to have known a soul who resonated with the universe and touched so many lives. That he is inspiring so many people after he is gone is a testament to a life so well lived. I hope Victoria, Jordan and Grant find peace in knowing that Dean is always with them and lives on within all of us who remember him so fondly.

“There are stars up above, so far away we only see their light long, long after the star itself is gone. And so it is with people that we loved – their memories keep shining ever brightly though their time with us is done. But the stars that light up the darkest night, these are the lights that guide us.”

– Craig Gilden

Dean’s Celebration of Life 10/12/2013

I’ll never forget the first time I met Dean 5 1/2 years ago during my first week at Apple. Everyone was welcoming and helpful, but Dean stood apart in his enthusiasm when he approached me and said “hey Randy, I’m excited to meet you and really interested in getting to know you, let’s go to lunch” So little did I know that he would become my boss. And what a great one he was for those of us who were lucky enough to work for him.

There are many stories that we can tell about Dean, but I can’t pick just one. Because it’s not about any one story but rather my collection of experiences with him that truly defined his character for me. Because character is not what you do one time but character is built by what you do repeatedly that becomes a habit. Everyone has their good days and their bad days, but Dean made every day a great day not only for himself but for everyone around him.

Dean always used to say to his team “the view is worth the climb.” And to me two things stand out about Dean here.

First is that Dean elevated our team to climb to greater heights than we ever would have imagined. Dean’s drive and passion were infectious and really fueled our team. And that ability to inspire is what made Dean a great leader. He’d get so excited…I can’t tell you how many times we’ve have to have him slow down and rewind. He always put company goals first which meant he pushed to do the right thing for Apple even if it sometimes meant a little more work for himself or his own team. OK sometimes it was a lot more work and even on Sundays. Even after I moved on from his team last year we were still very close and we’d often lean on each other for advice. So at work I find myself asking “what would Dean do?”

Second but even more important to me was that Dean made that “climb” fun and motivating. We all looked at our product launches with great pride (and no one was prouder than Dean) but it’s how you get there that really matters. Apple can be a really challenging place to work, but Dean’s unending support and positive energy made it manageable and rewarding for all of us to make that climb together. For team building he even took us indoor skydiving and go-karting (of course the competitor in Dean had to beat all of us in go-karting).

Dean treated people with respect and had that Midas touch in communicating during the most difficult situations. And I speak not just for me but for everyone who worked with him. Even when he disagreed he’d say “sorry I don’t follow you Randy” or just give that look that said “come on you can do better than that”. We could always depend on him to be approachable and he made time for us whenever we needed it. When the team needed direction in China he would be up in the middle of the night to talk on the phone with us. He connected with everyone.

Dean loved his family more than anything in the world (the Sharks and Apple may have been close seconds), and he walked the walk as he was able to balance work and family far better than anyone I have ever known. But he understood that others have families too and was compassionate in how he managed his team. He trusted us to get our jobs done and he supported me to manage my own travel so that I could spend as many weekends at home with my family as possible. So he would encourage me take that Monday flight or try to get home on Friday if possible. Because Dean knew what a difference it makes to be able to spend those extra weekends with family.

It is sad that so many of the new folks at Apple will not get chance to know you, but I can guarantee they will learn a whole lot about you. We are all better off for knowing you as each of us will carry a piece of you in our hearts and minds as we move forward. Losing you is a tremendous loss, but I know that you want us to focus on remembering what you gave us rather than what we lost.

They say that nice guys finish last but, Dean Dupuy finished first in my book.

You were a great boss and mentor to me, but you were an even greater man. You will be missed. May you rest in peace.

Randy Bauman

Celebration of Dean’s Life – Oct 12, 2013 !

It is an honor for me to be able to celebrate the life of my brother, Dean. I feel privileged to be able to share with you on how he touched many lives, including my own.

Dean and I first met on July 6, 2007 – when he came to interview at Apple. The entire team was impressed. Polished, energetic, passionate was how the team described him. What we all felt that Friday in 2007 stayed true every single day.

We started to work together as part of the Portables team on Aug 20th that year. Well, it took a couple of steps. Good people like Dean, are always in demand. First, I had to win the contest with the iMac product team. Second, I had to strike a deal with Dean –regarding his start date. The schedule I had proposed originally – including a trip to China, overlapped with one that he had already planned with Victoria and the kids. Though I knew how eager he was to get started, I was impressed by how deftly he managed his priorities and how he always had them in the right order!. At work, he immersed himself and very quickly became a benchmark for the sorts of talent we wanted to recruit into Apple.

It is always fun to watch Dean, especially when he is on the move – literally and figuratively. It was hard to keep up with him – be it when we walked to meetings or when he jumped into action. We joked about his hockey glides and why he has to slow down for the ones who walked. There was something in him that made his energy both incessant and infectious.

Dean was the epitome of teamwork and leadership. He was the master collaborator and had the rare ability to care and connect with anyone. He went about his work with such vigor, diligence and optimism that everyone loved working with him. We had more than our share of challenges during the development and launch of products. But, he was always poised and took great comfort in the fact that the ‘view will be worth the climb’. And it soon became our team’s mantra. The products he helped launch bear testimony to how much he loved his work and the team.

Though I moved to a different team in 2009, we always stayed in touch. He was a trusted friend. I always felt proud about how well he recruited, mentored and built his team. I relished the sight of how he interacted with them- there was always a certain rhythm and rigor to it.

In April last year, when I returned to Product Operations and ended up sitting next to him, we both were extremely happy. Being the morning person he was, most of our days began with a quick chat. We passed by each other many times in a day or dropped in every so often. Besides the friendship, there was a key benefit to sitting next to Dean. Food was just a few steps away- especially the healthy kind.

Dean oozed passion. It was second nature to him. He applied himself completely – whether it was to solve the toughest of issues at work or when he was making decisions to buy his next camera or car.

Talking about car.. Though I had seen his new Audi many times, a drive was long overdue. He sold me on how much he liked the near by vegetarian Greek food… So, we got into the car.. and true to Dean, I got a very detailed ‘tour’ of all of the features. Few minutes into the drive, it was time for him to show me the most important feature. the retractable roof. It was a windy day. He gave me the “Will you be OK?” look. When I said, ‘ Go ahead.. you are not going to make me have a bad hair day”. He laughed. And we laughed all the way to the restaurant. Little did I know then that it would be the last time I went out to lunch with him.

Dean won everyone’s hearts in a flash with his magnetic smile. There was something magical. To all of us, it was the window into his sincere and compassionate soul.

Two weeks ago, when I moved to a different building, he chided me and said, “ come back frequently to chat with me”. I absolutely will Dean, as I know you will be listening intently.

Dean, we are all better people because we knew you and worked with you. When Nelson Mandela said, “ A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”, I am sure he had you in mind.

You are truly an angel who came to help us and now have returned home. Many of us will live longer and love our family, friends and colleagues better because of how you have influenced and inspired us. You will forever live in our hearts and we will take the best care of your family.

Rest in Peace, my brother!

– Sathy Venkatachalam


I’ve had the great fortune to have Dean work for me the past couple years at Apple.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Dean, one of the few people in my life I would see almost every day. Regularly in the morning he would pop into my office, a smile on his face, and have a quick update on the latest problem. He was always in a good mood, ready to tackle the next challenge.

It was easy to be around Dean, whether it was working through the latest work crisis, or just sitting there between meetings comparing our back pain and the debating latest stretching exercise or treatment idea.

The things that stood out about Dean were his loyalty, his dedication, effectiveness, passion, great teamwork, his caring and selflessness, his friendship, and his dedication to his family.

Dean was very effective in his role, leading the operations new product program management team for Apple’s laptop and airport products. He participated in the introduction of over 30 new products in his 6 years at Apple.

Dean was a loyal Apple employee, always doing what it took to get things done. Dean loved working at Apple, the people at Apple, and of course the products he helped create.

He was dedicated to his work. He often worked all day, got home and then spent the evening on various conference calls with China to ramp the latest new product.

He had a real passion for his work, he was excited about the new products he worked on. No matter what obstacles we had, Dean would plow ahead with a smile on his face, helping motivate the rest of team.

Thursday mornings we have our New Products review meeting, our weekly executive update. You could tell when the time was getting close, as you would see Dean buzzing around the office, cube to cube, making sure the latest updates were in his team’s presentation. When he got more excited, he would take bigger and bigger steps, until it was almost impossible to keep up with him.

Dean really cared about the other Apple employees around him, and especially his team. He has led and developed quite a few great apple employees. Dean always believed in the person first. When they were ready, he helped place several of his senior people in jobs in other organizations, because that was what was right for their career development, not what was easiest for him personally.

The thing I admired most about Dean was his ability to balance his work and his family life. Whether it was his kids sporting events, scout camping trips, or one of his many family vacations, he prioritized the time with his family, and he made it work.

You could always tell the great pride Dean in his family. Jordan playing softball, learning how to drive. The pride he took in Grant’s new passion playing football, or following in his footsteps in scouts. Or some of his crazy vacation adventures. His talked a lot about his grand plan to rent an RV and drive his family through Yellowstone, and he followed through and did it. I think my family would have mutinied, but they did it. A memory to last a lifetime. Not sure those moose pictures with the kids was such a great idea though…

My oldest daughter, Abby, is 16, the same as Jordan. Abby plays water polo for her high school team. One day last week I had a 6:00 meeting scheduled, so this meant I would miss her game. There is always another game, right? I thought to myself, what would Dean do? He would figure out a way to make it to the game. So I canceled the meeting and went to her game.

So that is how Dean is going to live on inside me. The commitment to take the quality time to be with my family. Thank you Dean for this gift you have given me. Showing me through the example of how he lived his life, how to be a great husband and father, and truly be there for your family.

Dean you have been a great friend to me. I will never forget you. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to all of us.

Mark Turnlund

Will miss you, and final farewell

Dear Dean,

So full of life you were, and so approachable. In spite of your highly pressured job responsibilities, you seemed to maintain a straight-ahead focus on “what can we do to get the job done.” I loved how you were always angling for the best solution, instead of looking for someone to blame or criticize. We reflect our true character, even in the midst of the pressures of work. You modeled a striving toward excellence, while also treating your colleagues with respect and dignity. I am grateful to have worked with you, Dean, and will miss you deeply.

– Debbie McD

Will miss you, and final farewell


I’m really sad I’m finding out now there’s so much I didn’t know about you, only after you left us. LIstening to your close friends & colleagues, it’s amazing you had this passion & love for life that many people don’t have working in a fast paced company. We will all truly miss you, and I am now really inspired by you. Farewell.


The world lost someone amazing

I just got the email forwarded about Dean’s death and am completely stunned and in tears. Dean was such a wonderful man. We would laugh about how we saw each other driving after we each dropped off kids at school in the morning and headed into work. Nothing meant more to Dean than his kids and family. He loved to talk about them and loved hearing about other’s family adventures and activities. He was a breath of fresh air in a heads down, go-go-go world of Apple. His smile, dedication, drive, and positive attitude were infectious. He will be truly missed.


A Great Manager and A Great Man

I still remember when Mark called me early morning Sep 30 in China, I was shocked and I couldn’t believe it. I told Mark you were the best manager I have ever had, and I didn’t know what to say. One week passed, the workplace is still that workplace, but it is also different without you. I know you have worked on many great projects here at Apple. As I have only worked with you for one year, to me it is the every daily details from you that I miss most.

You are capable and knowledgeable. You always had a direction when the situation was complicated and difficult. And you always had time to talk with me when I had questions. To me, you are like a reliable captain and your team felt strong with you.

You talked a lot like a friend. You liked to keep team updated, keep everyone on same page, take care of team members, share interesting news from weekend. You made workplace enjoyable like a family.

You smiled with confidence. There were hard times, but you always kept that smiling, and said “let’s work on that and we can get through it”. “The view is worth the climb” is what you always said during every ramp, and we still remember.

You covered the team. There were times that I had urgent family issues or I felt sick, and you said “take your time and we will get you covered”. And you did it for everyone. I was so touched and I was determined to work hard to pay back the favor you have done to me, but you are not here anymore.

Thank you Dean, I will miss you a lot as a great manager and a great man. Sometimes I think you may be an angel, you came here and helped us in our works and lives and helped us become better people. Now you are back. I am missing you a lot.

– Jimmy Xu